Thursday, September 9, 2010

Formed in junior high, the members of Kindergarten Circus are now old enough to melt your face.

Perfect intersection of Nirvana and The White Stripes found on “Twin Evils” single available to post now.




“Twin Evils” is the new single from The Kindergarten Circus!




The Kindergarten Circus make their Chicken Ranch debut with a scalding slab of colored vinyl goodness. Formed during middle school in Murfreesboro, TN, (and now barely out of high school) the band has captured the hearts of Nashville area music fans and critics alike. The Black Diamond HeaviesJames Leg collaborates with the band on this EP.

Formed when the members of the band - Dillon (Guitar, Vocals), Lil Bill (Drums) and Logan (Bass) - were still in junior high (8th grade, to be exact), the boys quickly grew tired of jamming on Beatles covers and decided to turn up the volume. Their lives were instantly changed by The White Stripes, but unlike thousands of other kids their age who’d have been more than content to mimic their heroes until they day they were inevitably distracted by tennis lessons or auto shop or some bullshit, these Kindergarten Circus wackos took it upon themselves to begin exploring the deep and twisty history of blues, punk, and garage, as a means of discovering the roots of the music they loved.

It used to be a practice as natural as breathing - you’d get into, say, The Beatles, and eventually wind your way back to Little Richard and Chuck Berry. Or you’d get into Nirvana (who, just for reference, ‘broke’ while these guys were still non-verbal and in diapers) and you’d eventually run into The Vaselines and Flipper. But kids these days, they don’t like to do that so much. Lucky for us, The Kindergarten Circus are old souls. Before long, the fellas were well versed in music ranging from Leadbelly to Mississippi John Hurt to Captain Beefheart to the Flat Duo Jets. They absorbed it all like twilight scavengers, piecing together histories, studiously taking note of timelines, and eventually synthesizing all of it into a unique and distinctive (and distinguished) sound.


The Kindergarten Circus
No More Wizards
(Chicken Ranch,

01. Twin Evils (MP3)
02. Juvenile Rock


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