Friday, August 27, 2010

Julius C’s tour of NYC starts tomorrow! 30 shows in 30 days partners w/ Powerhouse & Silly Bandz.

Band starts Rockwood residency, Donates day of “Rock Star Camp” to Powerhouse, Gives away Silly Bandz!



NYC masters of rock, Julius C will be performing 30 times in 30 days starting September 1st at Rockwood Music Hall.

It’s no stunt, it’s just another 30 days in the life of this band that has lots of fun but also gives back. By way of that generosity, the band has added Powerhouse, the new and innovative supportive housing program for homeless pregnant/parenting teenage mothers located in Elmhurst, Queens to the list of partners supporting the month-long event. In addition to spreading the word about Powerhouse through September, the band will donate a day of its Rock Star Camp program to the organization.

Julius C leader Jay Stolar developed Rock Star Camp to bring more arts activities to summer camps in the Northeast and Julius C tours youth camps each summer, spending the day teaching songs to the kids and staging a concert each night where the campers performed backed by Julius C. The band played to nearly 20,000 campers and staff this year. Julius C plans to do the same for Powerhouse, bringing some much-needed stress relief to the young mothers in the program at a time full of challenging circumstances.

Silly Bandz are the sensation that is sweeping the nation. You’ve seen them everywhere… they look like rubber bands until you remove them and they snap back into fun animal shapes! Julius C loves them too and has partnered up with Silly Bandz to co-sponsor Julius C Tours NYC: 30 Days, 30 Shows. Anyone attending one of the performances during the month of September will receive free Silly Bandz. You can use ‘em to put your face back together after it gets rocked off, OK? Or trade them at the bar. Or just put your hair back. There are plenty of uses for Silly Bandz.

See below for a complete run down of where to find Julius C during the month of September and click the flyer to download a printable PDF.

Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic Promotion for details about private events, secret shows and for interview opportunities with Julius C!



Rockwood Music Hall Presents:


09/01 Rockwood Music Hall, Lower East Side
09/02 Private Party at Google, Meatpacking District
09/03 Prospect Park
, Brooklyn
09/04 Outside Crescent
and Vine, Queens
09/05 Ralphs Ices, Staten Island

09/06 Corner of Maine Ave
and Neal Dow Ave, Staten Island
09/07 Secret Show, East Village

09/08 Top of Empire State Building
, Midtown West
09/09 Outside of Bar 4, Brooklyn

09/10 Brooklyn
Bridge, btw Manhattan and Brooklyn
09/11 Ditmar Stop N Train, Queens
09/12 Acoustic Show at Ace Hotel, Midtown West
09/13 Westerleigh Park
, Staten Island
09/14 Secret Show, East Village

Rockwood Music Hall, Lower East Side
09/16 Edgies Teen Center
, Lower East Side
09/17 McCarren Park
, Brooklyn
09/18 Staten Island
Ferry, Staten Island
09/19 Central Park

09/20 Secret Full Band Show, West Village

09/21 Secret Full Band Show, East Village

09/22 Private Party at Mel's House
09/23 Spike Hill, Brooklyn

09/24 Private Party at Ashley's House
09/25 Private Concert at Dojo Studios, Brooklyn

09/26 Acoustic Show at Ace Hotel, Midtown West
09/27 Secret Full Band Show - West Village

09/28 Secret Full Band Show - East Village

Rockwood Music Hall- Lower East Side
09/30 Jay Stolar Solo at Anchor Bar - Soho


Julius C

Release Date:


“Don’t Want Anybody” is the first single and video from the Julius C album OK, OK.





More about Julius C’s Don’t Want Anybody” video

A group of gorillas has run amok in Central Park and it’s no surprise considering they’re listening to the perfect soundtrack for the summer: Julius C’s debut single “Don’t Want Anybody.” Directed by New York-based filmmaker, Jay Lap, a friend of the band since his days at the prestigious Tisch school, the “Don’t Want Anybody” clip is about as fun and funny as you might expect from a band that is able to take a tune about love, loss, and self-discovery and render it as explosively raw pop.

“Don’t Want Anybody” was shot by Jon Chen, one of the hottest NYC-based directors of photography working today. Chen has previously lensed music videos for Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Q-Tip, The Roots, and many more. You might also recognize actress, Lauren Francesca (the unmistakably sexy blonde) as the star of the Lady Gaga video spoofs that have racked up millions of views on YouTube. Most of all, you’ll notice that bunch of simians, out of their minds with abandon. Beneath the suits, you’ll find the members of Julius C.


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