Monday, June 7, 2010

Connecticut-born Frenchman, Jacques Labouchere, lands in Sweden; Records ode to his new hometown.

“2nd Long Street” is the catchiest tune about the city of Gothenberg that you’re likely to hear this or any year.




“2nd Long Street” is the first single and video from Bi-polar Baby Strollers





More about Jaques Labouchere:

They say great art reflects life and Jacques Labouchere’s new album is no exception – the formerly homeless bi-polar new-father-of-one’s collection of songs is firmly rooted in his own personal experience. Born in Sharon, Connecticut, Jacques began playing ukulele and guitar before hitting double digits. He was already playing bass in local bands at the age of 15 when he was kicked out of school after being ratted on by Donald Trump’s son for boozing in the school yard.

Abandoning the USA for London in his late teens, Jacques spent a few years squatting in Brixton, experimenting with “psychedelics and music” and busking on the streets. To quote Charles Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...,” as a mental breakdown led him back to his family in the US – and revealed a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder. Whatever - Jacques’ hunger for adventure saw him resume his journey despite his condition: Connecticut, Boston and Washington DC were all temporary homes until, chasing love across continents, the musician finally ended up in Gothenburg, Sweden.

When the relationship faded, Jacques found himself homeless - couch surfing on good days - but all the while busking for coins. Pretty much alone in a foreign country, it was his unique voice and way with a tune that proved to be his salvation: local Gothenberg musicians and artists welcomed his talent and, after making friends and making a living with his music, Jacques eventually settled down to make Sweden his home.

“Göteborg is the home I have always been looking for”, says Jacques. “Everyone you meet here is so supportive of one another.” Spurred on by his new life in a new country, a new love and a new baby daughter, Jacques has woven the ups and downs of his life into the very fabric of Bi-polar Baby Strollers. “My songs are about love, loss, loneliness, togetherness, family (daughter, sisters, friends), and the bi-polar disorder, which I have suffered or prospered (depends how you look at it) from since the age of 20”, he continues.

The organic sound of Bi-polar Baby Strollers echoes the street performances that were ultimately the making of his talent – an acoustic guitar and a strong voice – but it’s only when Jacques comes together with his band of collaborators that we clearly hear the influences behind the songs – Donovan, George Harrison, The Band, Dylan, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Wilco, The Magic Numbers and Ryan Adams are all in there somewhere. At times joyous, at times a passionate plea, Bi-polar Baby Strollers is an honest, vulnerable and emotional mirror to Jacques’ personal, Wildean journey. Listen, engage, enjoy.


Jacques Labouchere
“Bi-polar Baby Strollers”

01. Old New Orleans
**02. 2nd Long Street (MP3 | VIDEO)
03. Strange
04. Sister Dragonfly
05. When You Go
06. Best Company
07. For Esperanza
08. Dear Dr
09. Bi-polar Baby Stroller
10. I Found You

**=Suggested Track


Jacques Labouchere Live

06/17 London, UK The Windmill
06/18 London, UK
Club Cool at Queen of Hoxton
06/19 London, UK
The Bull and Gate
06/20 London, UK
The Dublin Castle


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