Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pomegranates continue to cast a spell as singer Joey Cook releases new album as Firs.

You’ll love “Corriander” and Poms performing for Daytrotter and My Old Kentucky Blog’s Laundromatinee.

“…ceiling-less imagination, ragged guitars, and songwriting chops for days.” (SPIN)

“Sweet, sweet sounds are pop honey to my ears.” (My Old Kentucky Blog)

“…a suspenseful novel in lush art-pop form…” (NPR “Song of The Day”)

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Firs: “Welcome Home”: [MP3]
Pomegranates: Live on Laundromatinee: [VIDEO]
Pomegranates: Live on Daytrotter: [MP3]

Scroll down for more Pomegranates & Firs MP3s.

RIYL: Talking Heads, Brian Eno, Kinks, Modest Mouse & Death Cab For Cutie.

Have you heard the brilliance that is Cincinnati-based pop band Pomegranates? Since the release of the band’s debut album Everything Is Alive in April of 2008 through to the follow-up Everybody, Come Outside a year later, the group has been steadily building a loyal following for doing what any great band does: writing great songs, making great recordings and playing memorable shows. Seems easy enough, eh? Pomegranates sure do make it seem that way with songs that get stuck in your head and spark your imagination.

Now, Pomegranates lead singer Joey Cook presents his latest work – this time teaming up with friend Sophia Cunningham and coming out as a solo artist with his first full-length as Firs. The debut album Man In Space is an unabashedly avant-garde record teeming with raw energy. It follows-up two underground Firs EPs and will be released on the Pomegranates’ long-time label home, Lujo Records. Check out tracks from the Pomegranates latest album Everybody, Come Outside and the debut album by Firs below.

See Pomegranates live in a town near you:

Jul 22 Covington, Kentucky @ Mad Hatter (w/ The Walkmen)
Jul 30 Indianapolis, Indiana @ Vollrath Tavern
Jul 31 St. Paul, Minnesota @ Turf Club
Aug 1 Chicago, Illinois @ Subterranean.

Artist: Pomegranates
Title: Everybody, Come Outside
Label: Lujo

“Corriander”: mp3 (repost!)
“Everybody, Come Outside”: mp3 (repost!)
“Beachcomber”: mp3 (repost!)

Artist: Firs
Title: Man In Space
Label: Lujo

“Welcome Home”: mp3 (repost!)
“Destroyer of Worlds”: mp3 (repost!)

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