Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just like Moby, Salme Dahlstrom licenses every track from her landmark album The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade.

Follow the links below to hear new single “Hello California” and remixes by Quadrat Beat, DJ Phunkae, and Saint Victim.

Listen! Post!: Salme Dahlstrom “Hello California” (Quadrat Beat Remix): MP3

“That Quadrat mix knocked the roof off the club last night!” (DJ Sonic Bee Bad - Bwoy Bass Recordings)
“Monster tune!” (Farace - Kick It Recordings/Discoveri)
“Typical Quadrat perfection.” (Chunk N Attack - Real Hype Records)
“This is on the right side of sickly sweet.” (Dave No Hands – Mixmag)

Apparently some Lady is Gaga for Salme Dahlstrom and it’s no wonder. Dahlstrom is a music biz vet who has been up, down and around the major label system for many years, scoring a few dozen placements in huge television commercials and TV shows and steadily building an audience for her infectious pop songs that easily merge brains, brawn, femininity and fun.

Like Moby did with his hugely popular album Play, Dahlstrom has managed to license every track from The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade including syncs with companies such as Suave, Vodafone, Nike, MTV, Chips Ahoy, Miller Lite, Subaru, Quiznos, Ford Models, Bank of America and television programs and films such as One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars, Laguna Beach, The Real Orange County, The Hills, and Ice Age 3.

“Hello California,” the third single off of Salme’s critically acclaimed album The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade gets the make over galore by some of the biggest names in break beat today. From party rockers to beach cruisers, these new mixes will leave you happy and out of breath!

One of the featured mixes is by Latvian duo, Quadrat Beat. The pair is no stranger to success with its most recent release “Rush Hour” hitting #1 on the Beatport sales charts where it was lodged for two months. Quadrat Beat’s take on “Hello California” is nothing short of magical -- hard banging beats, nasty synth harmonies and filtered out vocals make this mix a peak time party rocker!

Additional interpretations of “Hello California” come from DJ Phunkae and Saint Victim. The Real Hype Records boss man (DJ Phunkae) comes through with his trademark break beat pop on this one. Dirty guitars and bass lines make way to the lush vocals laid down by Dahlstrom. Three minutes and thirty seconds of pop joy! Saint Victim aka DC comes through with an electro jammie. Dirty pounding beats and bass makes this a must have for the electro DJ.

Artist: Salme Dahlstrom
Title: Hello California – The Remixes
Label: Kontainer Music/Real Hype Records
Release: July 14, 2009

“Hello California” (DJ Phunkae Radio Edit): mp3
“Hello California” (Quadrat Beat Mix): mp3
“Hello California” (Saint Victim Mix): mp3

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