Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Safes lay down five new frantic fits of extreme melodic energy on new EP, national tour launches next week.

“Hometown heroes: The Safes freight-train delivery and thoughtful arrangements - all delivered with a sneer - will remind you why garage rock is indeed an art form.” – Chicago Tribune

“Taking their cues from The Kinks and The Who, they bash their way across ten short power pop anthems that clock in right at the thirty minute mark, just like ten great radio-ready singles should.” – Andy Whitman, Paste Magazine

Rolling Stone’s David Fricke aptly described The Safes music as “atomic pop.” That’s what’s in store on The Safes new Sight of All Light EP! Five, frantic fits of extreme melodic energy thrown down hot and live, real and raw! With tunes that will slap you in the face and make you shake your ass while you sing! The Safes’ style is pure rock’ n’ roll fire with lyrics that cut. Time and time again, The Safes’ songs deliver first-listen hooks, smart lyrics, and clever arrangements. The Safes’ sound is sizzling pop and rock that’s sugar sweet on the outside and snarling conviction on the inside-they’re pop tunesmiths who play with punk rock intensity. Simply, the songwriting, singing, multi-instrument playing, record producing, rock ’n’ roll band The Safes are a music-making machine.

When the boys aren’t busy winning over new fans one town at a time with their vibrant live set, brothers Frankie, Michael and Patrick O’Malley can be found in their Chicago recording studio writing, rehearsing, and recording countless songs! They spend nearly every waking minute working as they live their dream! Stockpiling songs for future records (the next LP is already recorded), at a prolific rate which has The Safes scheduled to be rocking for your children when they go to college, whenever that may be.

Since forming in 2003, The Safes have released their debut LP Family Jewels, a follow-up EP Boogie Woogie Rumble, and 2007’s LP Well Well Well to great success. The Safes first three releases have earned widespread critical acclaim. These features and glowing reviews in such notable publications as Washington Post, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Pitchfork, Paste, and Popmatters (to name a few) lead to packed shows in major cities all over the USA. Tracks from Well Well Well received considerable airplay on such powerhouse commercial radio stations such as KROQ (LA), WFNX (Boston), WTCL (Denver), WTKS (Orlando), WXRT, Q101 and were licensed on MTV, ESPN, and Fuel TV greatly increasing The Safes international recognition. It’s their frantic live show that is moving merchandise and earning the band its reputation as a “must see live band!” Touring coast-to-coast, The Safes have established loyal fan bases across the country on the strength of their live show which is a sweaty explosion of energy and melody.

Halleluiah! Long live rock n roll!

The Safes On Tour:
10/09 Champaign, IL @ The Courtyard
10/10 Carbondale, IL @ PKs
10/11 Saint Louis, MO @ Lemmons
10/12 Kansas City, MO @ Fred P. Otts
10/13 Wichita, KS @ The Anchor
10/15 Austin, TX @ Club 1808
10/16 Denton, TX @ J&J's
10/17 Albuquerque, NM @ Atomic Cantina
10/18 Phoenix, AZ @ Rubyroom
10/19 San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick
10/20 Los Angeles, CA @ The Cat Club
10/21 Oakland, CA @ The Stork Club
10/22 San Francisco, CA @ The Hemlock Tavern
10/23 Salt Lake City, UT @ Burt's Tiki Lounge
10/24 Denver, CO @ Bender's
10/25 Omaha, NE @ Universe
11/01 Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks
11/02 Long Branch, NJ @ The Brighton Bar
11/03 Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut
11/04 Richmond, VA @ Rumors Boutique
11/05 Baltimore, MD @ Joe Squared
11/06 New York, NY @ Pianos
11/07 Boston, MA @ O'Briens
11/08 Philadelphia, PA @ Mojo 13
11/09 Danbury, CT @ Larry's
11/10 Sheffield, MA @ Off The Beat N' Track
11/11 New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine
11/12 State College, PA @ Bar Bleu
11/26 Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen

Sight of All Light Tracklisting:
Stream The EP HERE
Release Date: September 23rd , 2008

01. Sight of All Light (MP3)
02. Troublemaker
03. The Sky Is Falling
04. Greed
05. Unlock The Mystery

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The Safes In The Press:

“Atomic pop.” – 'David Fricke, Rolling Stone

“A riotous, tuneful, pre-punk/post-garage noise that sounds at once like the middle of the British invasion and the advent of The Clash.” – ‘Tim Finn, Kansas City Star

“The O’Malley brothers, out of Chicago, crank out bad boy riffs and good time tunes. They’ve got one foot in the garage, the other in sweetly addictive power pop.” – ‘Jennifer Kelly, Popmatters

“Great straight-ahead rock’n’roll.” – ‘PunkPlanet

“No list of America’s best current rock n’ roll band is complete with mention of Chicago’s Safes. The brothers O’Malley tear it up live and put out fabulous records to boot.” – ‘NowWave Magazine

“‘Phone Book Full of Phonies’ takes glam-stomp’s boogie and strips out all the excess weight to make it run faster, ‘Deception’ condenses the limber debauchery of early 70s Rolling Stones into 1:47, and ‘Bliss This Instance’ takes the aforementioned Kinks-circa-’66 vibe to a raucous, horn-filled conclusion.” – ‘Nate Patrin, Pitchfork

“One of the best records of the year.” – Razorcake

“...garage-kissed powerpop...” – ‘San Francisco Chronicle

“A Chicago band that employs lots of power chords, and would probably appeal to fans of similarly Idolator-beloved bands like the Exploding Hearts.” – ‘Idolator

The Safes make sugary pop-rock that seems like it would fit right in on mainstream radio.” – ‘Time Out New York

Boogie Woogie Rumble is a trebly hybrid of sleazy basement punk rock and what fanzines used to call “hardcore” in the 80s. It’s fast without losing melody, the songs boast those sped-up Johnny Thunders twisted-string leads, and the group exude sarcasm like a fetid cloud of dimestore cologne.” – ‘Maximum RocknRoll

“A gem of natty garage rock, calls to mind such retrofitted Motor City hip shakers as the Dirtbombs and the Detroit Cobras.” – ‘The Pitch

“Chicago’s The Safes isn’t all power chords, hooks, and harmonies (though it’s got all that nailed down). The trio jams bright melodies, bluesy stomps, and every mood from silly to bitter into tight-and-fast power pop songs on Well, Well, Well.” – The Onion

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