Friday, August 10, 2007

Tuba-toting smart rock band SNMNMNM crawls inside your head with new album.

“If the Beach Boys - influenced harmonies and wailing accordion don't get you, the insistent tuba will.” – Entertainment Weekly

“SNMNMNM write succinct, pop jewels that'll have you longing for mellow summer nights spent hangin' out 'til four in the morning.” – Devil In The Woods

There are a few things about the Chapel Hill-based band SNMNMNM that should be pointed out up top.

One: the band's name is not a less-than-subtle reference to a fetish, nor is it a play on the name of a certain rapper, or even an ode to those little candies that melt in your mouth and not in your hand. The S and the M’s are actually taken from the first letters of each of the four band member’s names: Seamus aNd Mark aNd Matt aNd Matt.

Two: Yes, Mark Dauman is playing the tuba. Like The White Stripes, SNMNMNM is missing a bass player. Unlike The White Stripes, the bass has been replaced with an amplified tuba. And, oh yeah, singer Seamus Kenney also rocks the accordion.

Three: SNMNMNM has a deep love and appreciation for the Dewey Decimal System. The first single from the band’s upcoming fourth album Crawl Inside Your Head, “Addy Will Know” (MP3) is in fact a tribute to the librarians of America and even contains something special just for them -- in the song's bridge vocalist Kenny recites the reference numbers of several books without noting their actual titles and authors!

Tuba player Dauman (whose sister-in-law is the “Addy” of the song's title) explains the band's plans for promoting the song saying, “We are compiling a huge network of librarians across the country to help coordinate requests for 'Addy Will Know' seeing as the song is about them. We already have a growing list in place that is connected to all the Library and Information Science schools in the country and the response to the song has been great. They are an untapped community that loves any sort of self reference and are extremely connected to each other. There is also a Wiki and two quizzes in the works, one to find the books referenced in the bridge and the other to find Addy.”

SNMNMNM has spent more than a decade perfecting its intelligent, clever and catchy brand of pop songs. Crawl Inside Your Head is the band's full-length follow up to 2005’s As Best We Can. The record was recorded by Frank Marchand (The Thermals, Bob Mould) and mastered by Grammy award winner Charlie Pilzer.

The group originally formed in Rochester, NY in 1997 when Eastman School of Music students Kenney, Daumen and Matt Vooris joined forces with Seamus’ brother Matt Kenney. Armed with a tuba, an accordion, and a catchy bunch of songs, SNMNMNM set out to conquer the world with its unconventional line up. Having cut its teeth on local coffeehouse mics in Rochester, and already having released its first self-titled full-length, the band moved to Los Angeles in 2000, releasing its Abestos Weekend EP with LA based indie label Skunk Ape Records.

The boys then spent the next two years touring, finally settling down in Chapel Hill, NC where they signed with Unschooled Records (Decomposure, Skates) and launched the two-month long “Revenge of The Nerd” tour with MC Chris (of Adult Swim and Time Magazine’s “The Geeks Shall Inherit Thee Earth” fame.) SNMNMNM will continue to spend life on the road this fall. Be sure to catch the band live in your town -- once SNMNMNM's music crawls inside your head, you’re going to have a hell of a time getting it out!

Crawl Inside Your Head Tracklisting:
01. Lost A Day
02. Addy Will Know (MP3)
03. Crawl Inside My Head
04. For All I Know
05. Back To School
06. No One Is Breaking In
07. It’s Your Loss
08. Pull The Rug
09. Wasted And Trying
10. Overplayed
11. 39 and Holding
12. Out Of Here
13. Braveness Of Alcohol

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