Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Beat the summer heat by cranking up the cool with Fanatic’s trio of summer tunes.

Three songs from three different albums by three different artists. The first is California pop straight out of California, the second is California pop straight out of the UK, and the third is California pop straight out of the UK via a California-based record label - all perfect for cranking up at the beach, or at least reminding us that the waves aren't so far away.

“[Frankel is] gently orchestrated pop that recalls a Harry Nilsson (a contemporary kindred spirit may be Richard Swift) yet harbors the subtle atmospherics you might find on a Grandaddy album..” – LA Times

We’ll spare you any Nelly references about how it’s getting hot (upper-90's in NYC today!) and instead suggest using Frankel’s “Thermostat” (MP3) to take it down a notch. The first track on Lullaby For The Passersby has Frankel’s Michael Orendy asking, “Tell me, do you want to come inside? / Because I'm dying to get outside where the sky is blue / And if it's pouring, I mean, it's really coming down / Let's put our clothes on inside out and we'll walk around.”

Frankel’s Michael Orendy is a Los Angeles native who grew up steeped in the music of Southern California, from The Byrds to Beachwood Sparks, and you can almost hear the deserts, canyons and the chaparral in his songs. In fact, after listening to “Thermostat,” we’d find it hard to believe it if you don’t finding yourself daydreaming about road-tripping it to California while the album plays the whole way through.

“Lullaby For The Passerby is going to remind you of a lot of great bands but never borrows a single lick. Frankel’s songwriting holds its ground because there are so many quirky bits stapled to the melodies without ruining the feel” – Little Radio

“It's the kind of music that seeps slowly into your consciousness, and like the warmth following a shot of brandy, it gets a little deeper with each repetition. Despite their humble beginnings, The Lodger is doubtlessly top-shelf material.” – URB

The Lodger’s “Kicking Sand” (MP3) from its glorious debut Grown-Ups, is straightforward Brit-pop gold that deservingly earns the band comparisons to UK greats like The Wedding Present and The Smiths. “We’re not superstars, we’re just kicking sand,” lead Lodger Ben Siddell sings. If that’s the case, we want to be kicking sand right there with you, Ben!

Coming from North England, specifically Leeds, The Lodger is in the company of successful British guitar bands like The Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs but stand out as one of the region’s most promising new acts. Grown-Ups is intelligent and catchy without being arrogant or gratuitously complex. Full of singles, the record has a timeless and classic appeal and the irresistible hooks will have you listening on repeat.

“…It’s clear that The Lodger’s prime mover, singer/songwriter Ben Siddell garners comparisons to [David] Gedge and [Amelia] Fletcher mostly because Grown-Ups suggests that he just might be nearly as good as them.” – Billboard

“[The Loose Salute is] a hazily mellow tribute to vintage Laurel Canyon folk-rock” – The Onion

The video for The Loose Salute’s twangy tune “Turn the Radio Up” from its debut album Tuned To Love is the epitome of summer fun. It features footage of the band surfing, swimming, and tandem biking their way across the world in a super-8 home movie style that would make Kevin Arnold, Winnie Cooper and Paul Pfeiffer of “The Wonder Years” beam with pride. Watch it HERE.

Tuned To Love is a record full of summer and nostalgia and songs that make you want to go out, find some friends and dance the night away. The songs are about all the facets of life: falling in and out of love, break-ups, partying, wanderlust, home-cookin’, surfing, travel, fields, beaches, stars and bars…

“The general weight of the world,” explains Ian McCutcheon, Mojave3 / Slowdive drummer and founder of The Loose Salute.

“Clean acoustic guitar arpeggios, the tingle of tambourine, and a modest string arrangement suggest some California dreamin’.” – Pitchfork

Combined, Lullaby For The Passersby, Tuned To Love and Grown-Ups make for the perfect summer mix tape. All three albums are out now. See below for more information and for best results, listen while wading in your baby pool, driving with the windows down, napping in a hammock, or cracking open a cold one while grilling out.

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