Monday, May 21, 2007

UK buzz band The Lodger to release debut album Grown-Ups stateside via classic California pop label Slumberland Records.

“They may be the perfect three-piece pop operation” – Artrocker

“...a clattering, Buzzcocks-like classic...” – NME

“When it comes to mastering the art of getting tunes stuck in heads, few in Leeds can rival The Lodger” – Leeds Guide

On the heels of the successes of bands like The Kaiser Chiefs and The Arctic Monkeys, the north of England is fairly bursting with exciting guitar pop bands, and The Lodger is amongst the brightest hopes. Taking its cues from fellow northerners The Smiths and The Wedding Present, The Lodger's music is classic melodic pop, fueled by sparkling hooks and plangent lyrics. The tunes are sharp and timeless, a thoroughly modern distillation of great Britpop from the 60s right up to today. Grown-Ups is a perfect introduction to the thrilling pop charms of The Lodger.

Oakland, California-based label Slumberland Records has always had an ear for the next big thing, and is best known for releasing records by Velocity Girl, The Aislers Set, Hood, Rocketship, and The Softies. Label head Mike Schulman has been fairly quiet over the past several years, waiting for the next Slumberland worthy act to strike his fancy. The band that did just that was The Lodger, a band that Schulman feels has made a timeless pop record in Grown-Ups. The label will release CD and vinyl versions of the album this summer.

The Lodger was born in Ben Siddall's Leeds flat in 2004. Encouraged by local label Dance To The Radio, Ben recruited friends for bass and drum duties, tuned-up with live shows around town and debuted in early 2005 with a track on a Dance To The Radio compilation. The band quickly followed-up with its excellent debut single “Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion,” the “Watching” 7-inch on Double Dragon, and a track for the Wrath label's split 7-inch series.

Soon after, the UK press was raving, with the NME repeatedly mentioning The Lodger and featuring “Many Thanks for Your Honest Opinion” in the influential “What’s on the NME Stereo?” column. London-based indie label Angular Records picked up The Lodger's third single “Let Her Go” and in late 2006, the band entered a small Sheffield recording studio to being work on its debut album. The result is Grown-Ups.

The Lodger recently returned from a tour with Rough Trade buzz-band The Long Blondes and another extensive European tour in support of Grown-Ups is in the works. The Lodger plans to hit US soil later this year. For now, check out Grown-Ups and its stellar first single and video for the song “Kicking Sand.”

Grown-Ups Tracklisting:
Release Date: June 5th, 2007
01. Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion
02. Kicking Sand (MP3) | (VIDEO)
03. Getting Special
04. You Got Me Wrong
05. A Free Period
06. Simply Left Behind
07. My Advice Is On Loan
08. Let Her Go
09. Watching
10. Unsatisfied
11. The Story's Over
12. Not So Fast
13. Bye Bye
14. Let's Make A Pact

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